‘Future of the Past’
Submissions for abstracts and visual art are now open!

Please email enquiries to: nascenquiries@gmail.com

This year at NASC 2019 we will be taking submissions for research and fieldwork presentations, posters and visual art.

We encourage submissions from university students at all levels with content directly related to archaeology or the application of other disciplines to archaeological research and practice. Submissions are restricted to delegates currently studying or within ONE year of their completion date.

Submissions will be taken for the following:

Research presentations: 20 minute presentation (with question time).

Fieldwork/lab work presentations: 5-10 minute presentation (with question time) - perfect for undergraduates who would like to dip their toes into conference presenting for the first time!

Posters: Standard A0-A1 size project posters. Please note that posters are to be printed at the presenter’s own cost and effort. Posters will be presented within one session (to be announced).

Visual art: paintings, drawings, created artifact replicas or sculptures. Must be archaeology related subject matter. Must be easily transported as the presenter/artist will be responsible for display and removal. 

Your submission must contain:

  • The names of all presenters who will be speaking/showing (for the program)

  • ONE suitable contact email address and phone number

  • The name of your University (and Department or College)

  • Degree/current level of study (eg Honours), or if you are a recent graduate your date of completion 

  • The category to which you are submitting (research, fieldwork, poster, art)

  • A 100-word abstract detailing your area of archaeological study and the basic content of your presentation/work.

Submissions will close on August 15th. Successful presenters will be invited by notice to the supplied email address.

Please note that if your submission is successful, you will be required to purchase a ticket to the conference. Tickets on sale July 1st.
Early bird tickets (limited number) $70 for the conference (including catering and attendance gifts), or $95 including Friday evening social event (dinner cruise along the historic Port River).