Awards Available for 2017!


THE BRUCE G TRIGGER AWARD for Archaeological Thought will be presented  to the student who in presentation at NASC displays the greatest example of originality and flexibility of archaeological thought, rather than purely expertise or breadth of knowledge.

As an undergraduate student of Prof. Trigger, Michael was greatly touched by the enthusiasm, mentoring and humility that the late Prof. Trigger invariably demonstrated towards his students. This award is particularly inspired by Prof. Trigger’s willingness to listen at length and warmly to the ideas of even very new students of archaeology, in the belief that valuable original thought is not constrained to qualified practitioners.

This award is sponsored by Michael Lever, to the value of $250.

THE ACAAI AWARD: A $100 prize in the name of a generous donation from the ACAAI will be awarded to the presenter who exhibits stand out archaeological research in heritage and consulting.

THE NASC UNDERGRADUATE AWARD: A $50 prize to best undergraduate or honours presentation.