The Core Committee behind the organisation and running of NASC 2017


Madaline Harris-Schober- Chairman


Maddi worked in Israel (Tel es-Safi/Gath) during her first year of university which fuelled her love for the Philistines. Currently working on her Honours thesis researching Philistine temples and pottery motifs, Maddi enjoys everything related to the Near East. Having archaeological field experience in Israel, Greece, Victoria and Italy, Maddi aims to eventually become the new age hard-working Indiana Jones.

Annelies Van de Ven- Postgraduate Representative


Annelies is in the last 6 months of her PhD at the University of Melbourne. Her current research lies in the fields of middle eastern studies, archaeology and museology. Besides her research Annelies also teaches and works on a number of outreach projects. The thing she loves most about archaeology is the opportunities it provides for actively exploring other cultures, places, and time periods.


Dan Zhao- Vice Chairman

Having obtained his Bachelor of Commerce, Dan originally pursued a career in the banking industry before deciding to return to the University of Melbourne to study his passion: Classics and the Ancient World. Having studied Latin, Ancient Greek and Classical Chinese, Dan is currently undertaking his Masters in Classics, focusing on ethnography and political propaganda in ancient Rome and China.

Annabel Livingstone- Sponsorship Manager

Annabel is completing Honours at the University of Melbourne in 2017, after majoring in Classics and Archaeology. Her thesis research looks at the emergence of social stratification in the Maikop culture of the northern Caucasus Mountains during the Early Bronze Age, and evidence for trade or cultural contact between the Maikop people and southern Mesopotamia. In the future, she hopes to pursue further study in the field of archaeological science, and understand more about how ancient peoples interacted with the material world.

Alyssa De Luna- Macquarie University Representative

Alyssa De Luna has loved archaeology since she was a young girl. Now just finishing her degree at Macquarie University, she has gained feel experience in Israel, reigniting her fiery passion for Near Eastern Archaeology. She hopes to join her two loves, Egypt and the Near East, in a future masters thesis, but for now will entertain herself by watching over glorified documentaries of historical events.