Executive Committee 2018

Chair: Amanpreet Kang


Aman is an Honours student at the University of Sydney, researching hominid cognition by conducting a regional analysis of the ornaments of Middle-Upper Palaeolithic Europe. She was President of the USYD Archaeology Society (ArchSoc) from 2016-2018 and is the current student representative on the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation Board. Aman has excavated in Germany and the Czech Republic, both at open-air sites and caves. She also works as a casual archaeologist in consultancy archaeology. Aman strives to increase the involvement of the student body with the wider archaeological community and has done so through ArchSoc. She can’t wait to do the same at NASC 2018!

Vice Chair: Sarah Gyngell


Sarah is an Honours student at the University of Sydney, studying spatial patterns during the transition from mobility to sedentism in the Levant. She was the secretary for the Archaeology Society in 2017 and has held numerous volunteer roles throughout her undergraduate. She is also the student representative for the Student Retention and Engagement Committee at the University of Sydney. Sarah has field experience in the Levant, excavating at an Epipalaeolithic site and at Bronze Age Pella. She also works in consultancy archaeology in Sydney. She is very excited for the upcoming conference, to engage with and support other students in their research endeavours!


Treasurer: Martin Wright


In a previous life, Martin completed a Bachelor of Business before working in the Commonwealth Government. Thankfully, he gave up that life to pursue his archaeological dream. Martin is currently completing his Honours thesis at the University of Sydney. His research involves the analysis of shellmidden material from an island rockshelter in far north Queensland with the goal of identifying and explaining patterns in economic intensification during the mid-to late Holocene. Martin has excavated in Macedonia, Spain, and at several Aboriginal and Historic sites around New South Wales, both as a volunteer and as a sub-contractor.