International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology

By Rhiannon Stammers

This year the International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology will be publishing the proceedings of NASC. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to work with a supportive and innovative international student team. Featuring editors from 34 universities, which collectively, are a truly expansive multi-disciplinary team. All NASC presenters will have the opportunity to turn their presentation into a paper for publication in a special issue of IJSRA.

The International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology (IJSRA), is an open access peer-reviewed journal, available fully onlineThe overarching aims of the publication are to be a source for rigorous research and a global reference point in archaeology; in addition, it is intended to serve as an international forum for the exchange of excellent scholarship in an atmosphere of constructive dialogue and inclusivity. The Journal was born of a clear need within the current system: the need for a rigorous and wide-reaching scholarly venue through which the next generation of the global archaeological community can contribute original research to the larger body of scientific knowledge. This publication has been established to enhance the academic experience, scholarly presence, and recognition of accomplished students worldwide.

IJSRA accepts papers addressing any topic and temporal sequence of archaeological interest, including materials conservation, genomics, and much more. It is double-blind reviewed, ensuring a premier level of scholarship. 

IJSRA is the first truly international journal focused exclusively on student academic research in archaeology. An opportunity not to be missed by participants of NASC!

For a wonderful review of NASC 2015, check the most recent issue of IJSRA. To take advantage of this opportunity to publish, submit an abstract for NASC 2016!