‘The Future of Our Past’

Innovation, Inclusion and Interdisciplinary Research

We thank all who submitted their work, and we congratulate all of the wonderful presenters at NASC!

If you are interested in hosting the next National Archaeology Student Conference at your institution in 2020/2021, please let us know at nascenquiries@gmail.com.

NASC aims to provide archaeology students with a supportive environment to discuss their research and ideas. 

The 2019 National Archaeology Student Conference will be held by Flinders University 1-4 October in the heart of Adelaide. NASC 2019 promises to be thought-provoking and exciting as we delve into our theme: ‘The Future of our Past’ - innovation, inclusion and interdisciplinary research in archaeology.

Presentations, posters and visual art submissions will be presented by Australian and international undergraduate, honours and postgraduate archaeology and classics students.

This year we are excited to welcome Richard Osgood (Digging for Britain, Operation Nightingale, CAW 2019 Archaeologist of the Year) as our Opening Keynote speaker, along with Featured Keynote Mitchell Allen (Smithsonian Institute)!

With special guest speakers:

Associate Professor Amy Roberts

Dr Daryl Wesley

Dr Martin Polkinghorne

Dr Georgia Roberts (ANCATL)

Wallace Boone Law (AAA)

Sean Freeman (Australian Heritage Services)

Stay tuned for more information about NASC 2019!


Richard Osgood appears with generous assistance from Dr Daryl Wesley. Mitch Allen appears courtesy of the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Flinders University, and Dr Claire Smith.